About Peak Behavioral Services

Peak Behavioral Services, LLC specializes in providing evidence-based treatment interventions to children diagnosed with developmental disabilities and behavioral disorders. Our mission is to provide evidence-based applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services to enhance the lives of individuals and their families. Peak Behavioral Services actively contributes to the field of ABA through training students and professionals and establishing collaborative professional partnerships.

Core Values

  • Clients First - We believe in always putting clients first and making decisions that will positively impact our clients.

  • Evidence-Based Practices - We are committed to utilizing only evidence-based strategies that lead to positive treatment outcomes for clients and families. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to clients and their families.

  • Collaboration - We strive to collaborate with all team members and disciplines to positively impact our clients and disseminate ABA.

  • Technology - We aim to use cutting edge technology to maximize time spent supporting clients, communicate treatment outcomes, and maintain efficient systems.

  • Fun & Supportive - We strongly believe in creating a fun and supportive culture for all staff, clients, and other disciplines we collaborate with. We work hard to use evidence-based OBM strategies to maintain this culture within our company.